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Outcomes of DOEE Meeting Regarding DCA Airplane Noise

On the evening of March 8, 2017 ANC 2E Commissioners Ed Solomon, Rick Murphy, Monica Roache, and Joe Gibbons attended the DCA Airplane Noise Assessment Public Meeting. The Mayor has directed the DC Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) to conduct a study on noise exposure and its impact on DC communities.

They results of the study will be sent to the Federal Aviation Administration to see what changes they are willing to make.

They proposed some possible options for reducing noise exposure:

  • Arrival and/or departure route (altitude modification)

  • Arrivals: Optimized Profile Descent (OPD)

  • Arrival traffic management in-trail sequencing – inbound flights

  • New and more precise Area Navigation (RNAV) procedures

  • Amend descent profiles fix to fix

  • Reduce track miles and amend track speed

  • Minimize delayed vectoring

Some recommendations for community input are:

  • Record major noise events (Date, time, location, direction, aircraft)

  • Noise monitoring at three locations

  • Nightime noise monitoring in three homes

  • Noise monitoring at two schools (school day)

For additional information related to this project please contact DOEE's Monitoring and Assessment Branch, Air Quality Division:

Mark Adams –

Rama Tangirala –

Phone – (202) 535-2250

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