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ANC 2E Forming Community Email Group for Hyde-Addison Project

On July 20th, 2017 a neighborhood working group convened by ANC 2E Commissioner Rick Murphy met with representatives of the DC Public Schools (DCPS), the DC Department of General Services (DGS), and MCN Build, the general contractor for the Hyde-Addison Elementary School construction project. Hazel Denton, Leslie Maysak, and Constance Chatfield-Taylor all volunteered their time, along with ANC 2E Chair Joe Gibbons.

The purpose of the meeting was to open communications with the individuals responsible for the project in an effort to minimize construction-related disruptions in the neighborhood. The attendees worked through a detailed agenda and, among other things, agreed to establish communication channels that will be used to keep members of the public informed as the project progresses.

In that connection, Chair Gibbons agreed to create an email group and to forward information the working group receives from DCPS, DGS, and MCN Build to neighbors who ask to be included in the email group. If any community members would like to receive emails about the project, please contact Chair Gibbons via email at or via phone at (202) 836-2239.

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